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Are You Taxed on Personal Injury Compensation?

In terms of practical questions about personal injury compensation, many injured individuals may wonder whether they’ll be expected to pay income tax on this money or not. In short, the answer in most cases is no. For the most part, the federal government doesn’t require a person to pay income tax on any money they win as compensation for a physical injury. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

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Exceptions to Non-Taxable Compensation

In some cases, the government may consider portions or types of compensation taxable. However, these instances are rare, as most personal injury compensation is provided to the defendant without any tax burden. These exceptions include the following:

  • Punitive damages, awarded after particularly reckless actions cause injury
  • Non-injury damages, such as compensation for libel or slander
  • Personal injury compensation interest, if it has collected over time

The actual amount of compensation provided to cover medical expenses and other injury costs won’t be taxed by the federal government, however. This money, for tax purposes, is treated as an altogether different type of income.

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