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Backpacks: A Hazard of Homework

With school having gotten fully underway and past the introductory stages, many kids have seen their workloads increase dramatically. Parents have noticed not only an increase in the amount of time their children spend doing homework, but also a significant increase in the weight being carried around by their children.

A recent study conducted by Bi-County Community Hospital in Warren, Michigan and the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, examined medical records from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System and published the findings of their research in Pediatrics.

According to NEISS, there were 247 children between the ages of 6 and 18 years old who were injured by their backpack in some way. Most frequently, backpacks caused injuries to the head and face (22% of the 247 injuries). These injuries were usually cuts. Injuries to the hand (13%) and wrist/elbow (14%) occurred in a variety of situations.

Some common explanations involved a pencil puncturing a finger, a book jamming a finger, and a backpack falling on a hand. Shockingly enough, given the weight the kids carry around, injuries to the back accounted for only 11% of visits to the emergency room.

While it is good that only 11% of injuries treated in emergency rooms were back injuries, it is not known how many back injuries were treated at a chiropractor or other family doctor rather than in an emergency room. This could suggest that the majority of back injuries did not warrant a trip to the emergency room. It does not necessarily mean that only 11% of injuries from backpacks were to a student’s back.

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