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Cell Phone Injuries

Cell phones have been blamed for thousands of car accidents that have occurred over the year. While they allow people to stay in contact with each other and let people know when plans change, these phones distract drivers and lead to accidents.

Cell phones can distract drivers in a variety of ways. It is a given that a driver that is talking to someone that is present in the car or connected via cell phone cannot possibly give his or her complete attention to the road and other cars in the area. The cell phone allows a person to get in contact with people that are not present. This increases the number of distractions in the car.

The next way a cell phone can cause problems with driving is when it rings and the person devotes attention to digging the phone out of a purse, pocket, or finding it in the glove compartment. Drivers are supposed to keep two hands on the steering wheel at all times. Digging for the cell phone does not allow this to happen.

Finally, texting does horrible things to a driver’s ability to pay attention. Texting not only requires the driver to take a hand off of the wheel but then requires that the driver divert his or her eyes from the road to the phone to text and also dig for the phone when the person replies.

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