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Complications from Animal Attacks

Sensible people keep an eye out for dogs and other stray animals while they are walking around. It is well known that dog bites can cause serious injuries, including severe blood loss and even deformity, especially for small children. There is more to the story than this, however: any kind of animal bite poses the risk for infection. In fact, cats are even more dangerous in this way than dogs; about 80% of cat bites may become infected, compared to only 3 – 18% of dog bites.

Risk Factors for Infection

Despite the rumors that their mouths are clean, dogs and cats actually carry surprisingly high amounts of bacteria in their mouths. Over 130 disease-causing microbes have been identified from the saliva of these two common pets. A bite is not even necessary to be infected; if an animal licks an area where your skin is scratched or pierced, you could be at risk.

A bite to the hand especially needs medical attention. The hand has many small bones and tendons and has poorer circulation than the rest of the body, making it highly susceptible to infection.

Puncture wounds are more likely to become infected than other types of injury. Because cats have thin, sharp teeth, they are more likely to create dangerous puncture wounds. Cats’ teeth can sink deep into a person’s skin, spreading infection through several layers of tissue. Puncture wounds are also difficult to clean, making them all the more risky.

Negligent Owners

Sometimes people get attacked by pets that are not properly restrained or trained. When this happens, the victim could be facing a great deal of pain and expensive medical treatments, all because of an injury that was not their fault. It is possible to gain some compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

If you have suffered from an infected animal bite because of a negligent pet owner, contact Lake Geneva animal attack lawyers Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® at 1-800-275-1729.