Elevator Accidents and Injuries

Due to the Americans with Disabilities Act, many two and three story buildings now have elevators where they might have previously had stairs. As convenient as elevators are, they are also a source of serious injury. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that elevators kill 30 people yearly and seriously injure 17,000 people.

Elevators more frequently injure and kill people who were working near elevators. An average of 14 people are killed in this way. These injuries and deaths occur while repairing and maintaining elevators or while working in or near elevator shafts.

People are injured or killed in elevators due to mechanical malfunction of the pulley system which results in a freefall down the elevator shaft; improper leveling which prevents elevators from lining up with the floor; falls due to an exposed elevator shaft; asphyxiation from being trapped inside the elevator for too long; and faulty wiring causing electrocution. States and authorities recognize the risks of elevators and, as such, require periodic inspections.

Between 1992 and 2003, there were 68 deaths of passengers that were related to elevators. The most common cause of death was a lack of elevator car when the doors opened. This resulted in people falling down the elevator shaft.

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