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Escalator-Related Injuries

Escalators are a common fixture in department stores, subway stations, elevators, and train stations. They are ideal for moving large numbers of people without delay. Unfortunately, accidents happen. When escalators and children mix, there can be problems.

Injuries from escalators, while they are uncommon, can cause significant damages to the person involved in the altercation. When an escalator injures a person, it is likely to inflict an injury caused by a cut, tearing, or crushing. Broken bones are not uncommon in escalator accidents. In addition, injuries from escalators generally involve a person’s hand, head, or foot.

When a child is injured, it is usually because the child was not riding the escalator properly. This could be due to not holding onto the parent or the hand rail, not standing on the track, or facing the wrong direction. Despite this, of the 26 children that were treated for injuries at New York City’s Bellevue Hospital, 10 were actually riding the escalator correctly.

There are typically three circumstances which result in an injury. One, the person on the escalator falls down and then experiences a blunt trauma injury to some part of the body. Two, the person on the escalator falls down and then has an extremity such as a hand or foot trapped in some part of the escalator. This can occur between steps, between the side of the escalator and the railing, or at the end of the escalator. The final type of injury circumstances involves the entrapment of an extremity, not in conjunction with falling. This can be due to a shoe lace or other object becoming trapped.

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