Fireworks Injuries

Fireworks are a much-loved portion of Independence Day celebrations across the country and they have been for quite some time. Unfortunately, while the professionals actually know what they’re doing, the amateurs, i.e. those people that buy and set off fireworks on their own, frequently don’t. The lack of knowledge concerning how to detonate a firework properly commonly results in injuries.

Injuries from fireworks are most common around and on holidays associated with fireworks celebrations. In the United States, these are the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve. In 2006, however, 11 people died and nearly 10,000 people received treatment in emergency rooms across the country for injuries due to fireworks. In addition, 5% of all fireworks-related injuries require hospitalization for some time. This means that 5% of the injuries received are not simple injuries where the person goes in, receives treatment, and leaves.

When injuries occur, the hands, eyes, head, face, and ear are the areas of the body most frequently injured. In most cases, burns were the most common type of injury except when the injury was to the eyes or head. In these two areas, contusions, lacerations, and foreign bodies in the eye were the most common injuries.

Following an injury, a person can be permanently disabled. Fireworks injuries are associated with blindness, third-degree burns, and permanent scarring. In addition to the damages capable to the human body, fireworks are capable of destroying homes and motor vehicles.

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