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Horseback Riding Injuries

Every year, roughly 30 million Americans saddle up and go for a ride. These include seasoned professionals, amateur tourists, and beginning riders. Of those riders, more than 2,300 under the age of 25 are hospitalized due to various injuries from horses.

Most frequently, the injuries are due to the activities involving horses being inherently risky. Jumping and cross-country competitions are inherently risky. So too are rodeo events. This is because horses can weigh up to 1,500 pounds and stand as tall as 3 meters high. In addition, some can travel at speeds as fast as 30 miles per hour.

The majority of injuries, as a result, are from falling off of the horse. These injuries can be minor or may be severe. Some are even life threatening. So many people are injured riding horses that there is a higher injury rate for horseback riding than motorcycle riding. On average, motorcyclists will suffer an injury once every 7000 hours of activity. For comparison, a person involved with a horse will suffer an accident once every 350 hours.

Injuries from horseback riding are most frequently to the upper extremities. Wrists, elbows, and shoulders are all common injury sites. In rodeos and other equestrian activities, injuries to knees, ankles, and feet are common. These injuries are not common in basic riding activities, however.

Other injuries that are horse-related take place while the handler has both feet firmly on solid ground. They take place while the horse is being handled, groomed, or fed. The main reason for this type of injury is that while horses are frequently domesticated, they’re never 100% safe. They still have teeth and hooves and they still have the ability to behave wildly.

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