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Infections from Piercings

When a person pierces a part of his or her body, he or she is, basically, inflicting a wound on the body. This wound has an open part that might not be visible once the exterior portions of the piercing heal. Unfortunately, the inside takes a lot longer to heal than the outside. This process, depending on the location of the piercing, can take anywhere from weeks to months to heal properly.

During this time, any bacteria that is present on the jewelry that is holding the piercing open can result in an infection that leaves the piercing site sore to the touch and potentially oozing. When this occurs, many people remove the jewelry. This is not recommended as it can trap the bacteria inside of the piercing and allow it to spread to other parts of the body.

Infections can develop from bacteria that get into the site after it is pierced but they are also commonly caused by unsanitary conditions in the piercing parlor. It is very important to perform a piercing with a sterile needle after the surface area that is to be pierced has been swabbed with alcohol or something else that will kill any germs there.

If a piercing is not performed in as sterile an environment as possible, the chances of infection escalate rapidly. Infections can lead to serious consequences and require many rounds of antibiotics to get under control. Depending on the site of the piercing, the infection could be very close to a person’s brain and spread to the brain easily. This problem is seen particularly in patients who have had their tongue pierced.

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