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Infections from Tattoos

Any time that the top surface of the skin is pierced by a needle or an earring or anything that punctures it, there is the possibility of infection. The skin is given the task of keeping everything that could hurt the body out. When it is pierced up to 3000 times a minute by a tattoo needle, the skin cannot do its job properly.

In an effort to help out the immune system and the skin, there have been rules passed concerning the level of sterilization and sanitation required of a tattoo parlor. While it may seem that these rules are not necessary, the number of serious infections from tattoos should be enough to convince anyone of their necessity.

It is important to note that infections from tattoos that are performed in clean, modern tattoo parlors are rare. This is, of course, contingent on the tattooed individual taking proper care of the tattoo after leaving the parlor.

When an infection occurs from an unclean parlor’s unsanitary practices, the infection will vary in its severity based on the bacteria present in the establishment. Potential infections include everything from a surface infection of the skin to staph infections that can, if left untreated, eventually result in death.

After a tattoo is inked into one’s skin, the risk of infection can be reduced by following a number of somewhat obvious precautions. These precautions include keeping the area of the tattoo clean and dry afterwards. Another important thing is to monitor the condition of the skin. If it appears red or swollen or is warm, there may be an infection. It is very important that the infection be treated then, before anything irreversible occurs.

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