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Invasion of Privacy

Invasion of privacy as a legal term that refers mainly to a public figure’s right to be left alone by the media. It does not necessarily mean that there has been a physical invasion of someone’s property or personal space.

Most invasion of privacy charges are presented in a civil lawsuit. They typically charge a media outlet that has crossed a perceived line into a public figure’s private life. It also applies when a media outlet has used a public figure’s likeness or name in an unauthorized public manner. It is more likely that a national tabloid will face an invasion of privacy lawsuit rather than a private citizen.

The invasion of privacy laws currently used protects a public figure’s privacy in four ways:

  • Intrusion of solitude
  • Public disclosure of private facts
  • False light
  • Appropriation

While there is a protection extended to people’s private information, the media is also protected by the First Amendment, as long as the published or broadcast material does not violate personal privacy and is either verifiable as true or presented as an opinion that is clearly not a statement of fact. Because of this, many invasion of privacy lawsuits do not prevail in court. A defendant can usually claim that the information was presented as a hypothetical or speculative piece and not as information obtained through any invasion of privacy.

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