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Jet Skiing Accidents

Jet skis, better known as Personal Watercraft, make up the fastest growing segment of the recreational boating industry. The brand names for these vehicles include Jet Ski, Sea-Doo, and WaveRunner. This extreme growth has led to more-crowded waterways. When you have more vehicles on the water, the chances of an accident go up as well.

Personal Watercraft move at speeds in excess of 40 miles per hour. 42% of all injury boat accidents involve a personal watercraft. In addition, a personal watercraft user is ten times more likely to be involved in an accident where someone is hurt than is a boater on a different type of vehicle. The accident rate is higher because a PWC is under constant power and are almost always moving. Fishing boats may sit in one spot for an extended period but a PWC user is almost always moving.

The majority, 60%, of accidents involve people that are only renting the PWC for a few hours. 50% of all PWC injuries involving children are moderate to severe. The majority of accidents involve young people who are generally 17 to 18 years old. Statistically, PWC cause a greater number of severe injuries. Surgical treatment for personal watercraft also exceeds other types of watercraft. This is because a PWC user is more exposed than a boater is. It’s like the difference between a car and a motorcycle.

The University of Florida has identified a number of injuries that are seen almost exclusively among PWC users. These include closed-head trauma, spinal cord injuries, and trauma to the chest and abdomen. The causes of these injuries are roll-over, side swipe, and head-on collisions.

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