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Traction Control Brakes for Motorcycles

The majority of motorcycle riders have “dumped” their bike at some point. While embarrassing in many instances, it frequently is not a serious accident. Unfortunately, it can be a very serious accident for the rider. A lot of the time, when a rider “dumps” his or her bike, it is due to overbraking.

Overbraking frequently causes a bike’s brakes to lock up. When the brakes lock up, the chances of having an accident of some sort increase drastically. To combat this problem, many motorcyclists underbrake because they want to avoid squeezing too hard on the front brake or pushing too hard on the back brake.

Historically speaking, when a biker underbrakes, he or she will usually end up hitting the object that needed to be avoided. When a biker overbrakes, he or she ends up, traditionally “dumping” the motorcycle.

A simple solution to this problem is the anti-lock brake system. Unfortunately, very few bikes are factory-equipped with this safety feature which is as important as anti-lock brakes for cars. Another reason anti-lock brakes aren’t present on a lot of vehicles, even retrofitted, is that to retrofit a motorcycle with anti-lock brakes is expensive. It will typically cost upwards of $2,000. While that may seem like a lot, it’s not very much when compared to the number of lives this simple improvement could make.

Fortunately, a company has come up with a simple solution to the overbraking problem. A company has created traction control brakes. These brakes, while they still lock up, release faster than ordinary brakes do. Because they lock and release at a faster rate than ordinary brakes, there is less of a loss of control for the driver.

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