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Plastic Surgery Risks

Individuals who undergo plastic surgery are opting for, mostly, optional or discretionary procedures. The majority of plastic surgeries performed are not surgeries that will save a person’s life or cure some life-threatening disease. While the surgeries are discretionary, they should still be performed well and still pose serious risks.

Many of the procedures performed by plastic surgeons carry immense risk. During a nose job, it is not exceptionally difficult for something to go wrong and result in death. Nose jobs in particular leave very little room for error due to the proximity to the brain.

In addition to the risks of specific surgeries, all surgeries carry certain risks. The first risk is of anesthetics. The drugs which put a person under can cause various reactions in people. In addition, it may not be known to which drugs a person is allergic until after they are put under.

As with any surgery, there is a risk of infection following the surgery. The sutures, while they do an exceptional job of closing off the surgical site, bacteria is exceptionally small and can slip in between the individual stitches. When the bacteria gets in, it might not be noticed until it has already caused an infection. For this reason, patients are typically put on antibiotics immediately after surgery.

The final potential problem is that the procedure will not be performed well. When a procedure is not performed well, it can leave a person looking lumpy or deformed. Uneven suctioning of fat during liposuction can leave a person with a lumpy physique.

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