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Roll Over Accidents

Roll over accidents are the most serious threat to drivers of SUVs, minivans, and trucks. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are more than 280,000 rollover accidents every year. In addition, there are 10,000 fatal accidents of those.

Rollover accidents are directly linked to a vehicle’s stability in turns. Stability is a function of a vehicle’s track width and center of gravity. The track width is the distance between the vehicle’s tires from side to side. The center of gravity is the point at which the vehicle’s weight is balanced. If a vehicle has a high center of gravity and a narrow track width, it is very likely to roll. If a vehicle has a low center of gravity and a wide track width, it is less likely to roll. It is important to note that no vehicle is roll-proof.

If an SUV has a good chance of rolling, a four-wheel-drive SUV has a greater chance of rolling. Any four-wheel-drive vehicle has a higher chance of rolling than its non-four-wheel-drive counterpart. This is because four-wheel-drive vehicles have a higher center of gravity because they need more ground clearance for when they drive off-road.

The majority of rollover accidents involve a weekend night. The driver of the vehicle is most frequently a male who is under 25 years of age. Alcohol is also frequently involved.

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