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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

While sex is a part of human life, it also carries with it many risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Some of these risks are emotional and psychological; many risks, though, are physical and biological as well. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are one type of physical and biological risk.

There are many sexually transmitted diseases that people can acquire through sexual intercourse. Some relatively common ones are gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately, many STDs do not have a cure. As a result, people have to live with them until they die.

Moreover, because there are no cures and because people may not know they have them or may not have the tools to combat the diseases, many diseases have become serious problems. HIV/AIDS is the most serious sexually transmitted disease. About 35 million people across the world have the disease.

Unfortunately, some people have become wrongly infected with sexually transmitted diseases. People may know that they have a certain disease, but they may still choose to engage in sexual intercourse and hide it from their sexual partner. Such an act is both immoral and criminal. STDs take a heavy psychological, physical, and financial toll on people. Medical costs to treat STDs can be very high. Moreover, people can become depressed knowing that they have to live with such horrible diseases.

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