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Dog bite prompts lawsuit

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Cheryl Romo and Christopher Crane have filed a personal injury lawsuit against Larry Langendorf, when his dog attacked their daughter at a neighborhood garage sale. Romo and Crane seek damages in the excess of $200,000 for their daughter’s injuries.

Amber, the couple’s daughter, was attacked and bitten numerous times when the family was attending Langendorf’s yard sale. The bites have caused serious injuries to the girl’s face and body. The couple claims that Langendorf was negligent and failed to properly cage or leash the dog. They claim that Langendorf was aware that a yard sale would bring people unknown to the dog near the animal and he should have been more careful to protect the patrons of his yard sale from the nervous animal. His failure to control his dog and failure to warn patrons that his dog was not on a leash caused the couple’s daughter severe injuries.

Amber suffered injuries to her face, neck, and back. She also has scarring around her forehead, right eye, mouth, and right cheek.

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