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Woman sues Doctor and Surgeon over Cancer Malpractice

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In a lawsuit filed in Baltimore City Circuit Court, Frances Jackson sued both her primary care doctor and a surgeon who removed parts of her thyroid in February of 2000, alleging that they did not take proper steps to inform her that she had cancer or take action to prevent the cancer’s spread. The suit claims that neither Dr. John R. Johnson, who operated on Jackson in 2000, or the referring doctor, Dr. Richard M. Hunt Jr., notified the plaintiff of the “well differentiated follicular carcinoma” that had been discovered in her pathology report following the surgery. It was not until 2007 that Jackson found out about the cancer, after she sought treatment for a broken leg.

Her suit claims that, because she received no treatment during for eight years after Dr. Johnson and Dr. Hunt discovered the cancer, her disease has progressed to an incurable stage.

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