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Crocs Linked to Escalator Entrapment

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Crocs and other soft-sided clogs have been linked to 75 cases of escalator entrapment since January of 2006. There were a total of 77 cases of escalator entrapment since then.

The soft sided clogs are resulting in trapped individuals when the people stand too close to the sides or edges of the escalator steps. 

A 3 year old girl was injured in the escalator of New York’s JFK airport. Another 4 year old boy was injured in a mall in Virginia. The Washington subway system has noticed such an increase in injuries to people wearing Crocs on its escalators that it has posted a warning. The majority of injuries have been to young children.

Japan, the site of 3.9 million sales, has asked the Colorad0-based manufacturer to change its design of the shoes due to the number of people who have become trapped in escalators. They received 65 complaints of escalator entrapment linked to Crocs between June and November of 2007, a period of just 5 months.

Half of the accidents reported in the United States resulted in injury.

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