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Texas Officer Reprimanded for Traffic Stop and Comments

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A Texas police officer was reprimanded after making insensitive comments and inadvertently causing the death of a beloved family pet.

The officer, a member of the San Marcos police force, stopped a couple for speeding when they were rushing their poodle Missy to the vet. The dog was very sick and died while going to the vet as a result of the 20-minute traffic stop.

In response to the couple’s explanation that they were speeding to get the dog emergency medical treatment, the officer reportedly quipped “Chill out, it’s just a dog. You can buy another one.” The entire stop, including dialogue, was caught on film by the officer’s DashCam.

Since the incident, the officer has been reprimanded by the San Marcos Police but that has not satisfied many people. There is now a petition going around for his removal.

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