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Wisconsin law firm assists in recall of toy guns

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A toy gun that shoots small darts was recalled from stores nationwide in May after a four-year investigation resulted in the determination that the size and shape of the darts included with the toy were dangerous to small children.  A Milwaukee child died from choking on one of the toy gun’s darts in 2006 while he was at school.  No recall of the toy took place following the child’s death.  But when an Illionis child died last year under similar circumstances, the company who makes the toy was contacted regarding a recall of the 1.8 million toy guns in dollar stores across the country. 

Experts say that a child’s windpipe is approximately the same size as his pinky and therefore it is very important to keep small objects away from young children who are liable to ingest them.  Almost 200 children have died in the last 20 years from choking on small toys or pieces of toys.  Jurisdiction has resulted in the banning of children ages three to six playing with toys with small parts.  The number of warning labels on these toys has also gone up in recent years.

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