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Woman who killed motorcyclist last summer still driving irresponsibly

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Last summer, a woman arguing with her husband while operating a vehicle lost control of the car and hit a motorcyclist, throwing him over a nearby bridge and killing him.  The woman was charged with homicide by neglect and her court date was scheduled for June of 2010.  It has since been delayed to August of the same year.  However, the negligent homicide she has been charged with has not prevented her from breaking more laws behind the wheel.  Less than a month after the July 2009 accident that resulted in the death of the Wisconsin motorcyclist, she received a speeding ticket in River Hills.  When she failed to pay the ticket, her license was suspended. 

In December 2009 she was charged with driving with a suspended license.  She received a speeding ticket the same night for driving 22 miles per hour over the speed limit.  The family of the deceased motorcylist is very upset that the woman is back behind the wheel endangering the lives of others and insists that even though they live out of town, they will be in attendance at the woman’s trial in August.

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