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Initial report released on Montana plane crash that took man’s life

An initial report on the May 9th plane crash that resulted in the death of a 65-year-old man was recently released by the National Transportation Safety Board.

The report states that the man was the sole occupant of a plane that was issued to him by New Frontier Aviation. The plane was a firefighting plane, and the man was on a 30-day contract to fight fires in Wisconsin. As he was traveling back to his home state of Montana, the plane crashed near Miles City, and the man was killed instantly.

The report does not state a cause for the accident, and the NTSB has said that they are still investigating the accident to determine the cause.

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President of pool company sued for death of young boy

The family of a Connecticut boy recently sued the president of Shoreline Pools after the boy drowned in a pool that the company installed. The lawsuit claimed that the company failed to install a safety device in the pool, which led to the boy's death.

The six-year-old boy died in 2007 when suction from the pool's drain caused him to become trapped under the water. Prosecutors said that the company did not install a device that would have shut off the suction system once an object had gotten in the way. They further stated that the company had a history of ignoring safety rules as a way to cut costs and save money.

The president of the company pled guilty to criminally negligent homicide and was sentenced to 500 hours of community service. The company was also ordered to pay $150,000 to pool-safety organizations.

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Walmart’s Great Value soup recalled for unlabeled ingredients

Bay Valley Foods, LLC, the manufacturer of Walmart Great Value soups, has issued a nationwide recall of its chicken noodle soup because the cans may contain a soup other than chicken noodle. The soup in the cans may also contain milk, which is not on the label and could cause allergic reactions in people with dairy allergies.

The chicken noodle soup was manufactured in September 2010 and was distributed to Walmarts across the country. The mistake was found through routine inspections of the soup cans. The recall was voluntary, and no injuries caused by the mistake were reported.

Consumers who have purchased the soup have been advised to return it if they are allergic to milk or other dairy products.

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