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Malpractice lawsuit amended to include makers of alcohol wipes

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A cerebral palsy malpractice lawsuit that was filed in 2009 against a Washington hospital was recently amended to include Triad, the makers of alcohol wipes and prep pads that were found to be contaminated with Bacillus cereus. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a boy who suffered a Bacillus cereus infection after he was born that led to his cerebral palsy.

The parents of the boy filed the lawsuit against the hospital because they believed that doctors may have caused the boy's brain damage during birth. However, the boy's twin brother was in perfect health, which left investigators wondering what could have caused the boy to suffer brain damage. After reports surfaced of Triad wipes being contaminated with the bacteria, they realized that the boy had been exposed to the wipes while in neonatal care.

The wipes have been linked to several other cases, including eight deaths. The wipes were recalled earlier in the year, and an injuction was issued to Triad so that they could not manufacture any more medical products.

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