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Most nursing home abuse not reported

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A new National Center on Elder Abuse report shows that 1 in every 14 nursing home incidents are reported to police. Over a million people rely on nursing homes, and the NCEA says it receives over 20,000 complaints of neglect and abuse a year.

Some of the most common forms of abuse and negligence are falls, malnutrition, and untreated bedsores. Injuries as a result from a fall usually occur when there is a lack of supervision. Broken bones and concussions, if not treated quickly, can result in more severe injuries. Malnutrition and dehydration occurs when there is extreme negligence. Nursing home staff is responsible for residents' dietary needs and monitoring their hydration. Perhaps the most obvious sign of neglect is bed sores. Bed sores form when individuals are forced to stay in bed for extended amounts of time. They can be avoided or treated easily by carefully changing their positions on the bed every few hours to relieve the pressure.

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