Lake Geneva Child Safety Seat Lawyer

Child safety seats are designed to protect your child while riding in an automobile. If a child safety seat is built with defects, the protection that the seat was meant to provide may end up causing more harm than good. When safety seats fail to properly hold a child in the seat, the chances for the child to be injured in the event of a collision is greatly increased. Faulty harnesses, ineffective seat buckles, and defective padding are all dangerous aspects of defective child safety seats. According to studies, around 82% of child safety seats are not installed correctly due to confusing or inadequate instructions. Incorrectly installing a child safety seat could lead to injuries in the event of a collision. The section of the seat that connects the seat to the car may be weak and break if found defective. In other cases, the device meant to hold your child to the actual safety seat may be defective and cause your child to slip out, putting them at greater risk for injury.

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