Lake Geneva Defective Garage Door Opener Lawyer

Although no one assumes that their garage door may be harmful, a defective or malfunctioning garage door has the potential to cause a great deal of damage to person or property. Many people utilize their garage for more than just a storage space for their car and store all kinds of miscellaneous items that do not belong inside of the house. Over the years, the technology that controls garage doors has not changed all that much. Simple springs and wires control the door, allowing it to open and close by way of a remote control or keypad. Older garage doors are much heavier than modern doors and could cause much more harm if they malfunction and fall on a person or property. Poor design is often to blame for defective garage doors, allowing them to break or malfunction much more easily. The thin wires and small springs that are used to make the door work can snap and break if there are defects, causing the door to crash down on whatever is in its path. If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective garage door, consult in an attorney to learn about all of your legal options. You are eligible to file a lawsuit against those who sold or manufactured your garage door if it causes damage to you or your property.

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