Lake Geneva Lack of Informed Consent Lawyer

It is the responsibility of health care professionals to inform a patient of side effects or other possible outcomes of any treatment plan that a doctor has recommended. Doctors are required to obtain informed consent before they begin a specific treatment plan. The plan may as simple as prescribing a drug for the condition or may be as serious as undergoing surgery. If a doctor begins a treatment without obtaining informed consent, a patient may receive medical treatments or procedures that cause unforeseen complications. Emergency situations where immediate treatment is needed to save a person's life or prevent serious harm are the only exceptions to obtaining informed consent before a treatment is started. Having your case evaluated by an experienced lawyer will ensure that pursuing a lawsuit is the appropriate action for your situation.

You are eligible to seek damages if you have suffered because of the negligence of a health care professional who did not obtain informed consent before being a treatment plan. The Lake Geneva informed consent lawyers of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® have years of experience handling cases involving victims of informed consent malpractice. With 13 offices throughout Wisconsin, there is a team of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® lawyers ready to assist you no matter where you may live in the state. It is important to hold negligent health care professionals accountable for their actions so that more people do not suffer from their irresponsible practices. A licensed attorney can evaluate your case and determine whether or not your situation constitutes a valid lawsuit. Turn to the Lake Geneva informed consent lawyers to help you navigate the complex legal process. Your initial consultation costs nothing at all and is the first step in protecting your rights. Contact the Lake Geneva informed consent lawyers today to learn about all of your legal options.